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Drying a fruit is the oldest method of preserving it and is a convenient way to add sugar and fibre to a diet. The earliest recorded mention of dried fruits can be found in Mesopotamian tablets dating to about 1700 BC, which contain what are probably the oldest known written recipes.

Being easier to carry than fresh fruits, with no messy juices or peelings, a handful of dried fruit can give an instant energy boost with an injection of vitamins and minerals. The nutritional value of food is only minimally affected by drying

This process makes it possible for you to try fruits that otherwise can not be exported as they ripen hours after being picked. Dried fruit is a healthy alternative to fresh fruit - one that could make it a whole lot easier for you to eat as one of the five servings of fruit and vegetables recommended as part of a healthy eating regime.

You will not find any of these ingredients in our dried fruits because we use no additives but, much dried fruit is treated with sulphur-based preservatives to prevent discoloration and to preserve and enhance the orange colour of fruits such as apricots and peaches. The color does not change the flavor, but the additives do and often not for the better.

If dried fruits are unsulphured they are a less attractive brown colour and they do not have the sharp tang of sulphured fruit. Some people with asthma find sulphured foods trigger attacks.

Potassium-based preservatives are used to prevent fungal and bacterial spoilage, particularly in ready-to-eat dried fruit that is partially hydrated for convenience. Fully dried fruit contains fewer additives.

Dried fruit may also be coated with vegetable oil to make it glossy and prevent it from sticking and clumping.

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