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World Vision

Fruit-Full, like its name, sees the cup beginning to fill up with finer and finer energies. We are not constrained by the idiosyncrasies of the past and our vision is for healing, full health, love and consciousness.

Fruit-Full: Our customers are our patrons

When you purchase a bag of Fruit-Fullís organic solar dried fruits, you are purchasing more than just a food product. You are investing in a healthy lifestyle. You are supporting a movement toward a healthier, more sustainable way of life on Earth. With every purchase, you are supporting organic, sustainable farming and contributing to a higher quality of life for yourself and for the indigenous people who plant, harvest, and process the fruit with caring attention and dedication.

As a patron of Fruit-Fullónot just a passive customeró you play a critical, active role. You are part of a mission to create a healthy, sustainable future.

Fruit-Full: Supporting and empowering local farmers

Fruit-Full is committed to education and training of local farmers who are prepared to convert their farms from conventional or transitional agriculture to 100% organic. Fruit-Full is a model business, focused on bringing healthy lifestyles and local sustainability to the people.

Purchase prices of fruits must bring to the farmer the best of prices, and this is reflected in the end price of the product. Our processor technicians, all of whom are indigenous and/or native to Central America, are also paid well. By providing our farmers with a good price for their organic fruits and ensuring a ready market for the end product, Fruit-Full empowers farmers to convert their farms to 100% organic, to capitalize on the abundant natural resources available to them, and to thereby find an honorable way to remove themselves from a cycle of exploitation and poverty.

Fruit-Full: High quality resulting from caring attention

We believe the quality in our product is a reflection of caring attention. Our organic dried fruits are not made in a social vacuum. The amount of time in personal labor for the preparation is enormous. From planting to harvesting to packaging, Fruit-Full products receive huge amounts of attention.

Attention can either be without awareness or with awareness. Without awareness on quality would leave the product incomplete. With awareness on quality completes the product. By focusing our awareness on the quality of our human relationships and the quality of our interaction with the earth and its resources, we ensure the highest quality products.