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"Fruit-Full" began as a project is starting in the country of Belize where we work with Mayan, Garifuna, Kriol, East Indian and Mestizo cultures native to this land and will expand into Guatemala in the near future. For the easiest explanation, these people have been left behind in the current fair trade market until now. The empowerment and enfranchisement of these peoples is essential if they are to build their futures with cultural integrity and yet play a part in the greater global economy. The technology and resources are there at their disposal but the kick start is needed. Growth of the project will empower more producers and processors throughout the region.

Organic farming practices are on the increase in Belize and other areas of Central America. We wish to encourage organic farming practices above all other methods. We wish to encourage the development of affordable certification for indigenous and resident cultural farmers who cannot afford expensive certification. We are part of a movement to develop local organic certification which will meet all of the highest standards to meet complex export restrictions. We are a force in the region towards food sanity and security. This means we encourage multi-culture of fruits and products on farms and not mono-culture. It is also our goal to show by example the benefits of bio diversity and the high yield that properly maintained land can provide for generations to come.

Fruit-Full products are grown and harvested by hand. This means a lot of labor both in the land preparation, fertilization, cultivation and actual harvesting. Purchase prices of fruits must bring to the farmer the best of prices and is reflected in the end price of the product. Processing is done in the cleanest manner and handling through slicing, setting on drying screens, removal from screens, sorting, weighing, bagging, sealing and final packaging is all hand labor and this too is reflected in the end price. Because of all this we do not want middle men to handle the product since it will take it beyond affordability. Therefore we wish to get this product direct to you from the processor and the farmer. We can ship to you both in regular packaging or in gift pack (see selection). We have chosen some retailers to present our product and so you will see some of it in special locations.