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Contact Information

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To best serve your needs, we do our best to provide knowledgable people who can both provide products and work with you to improve your business.


Joe Taylor Area
P.O.Box 11
Punta Gorda
Telephone: 501-667-9648
E-mail; info@fruit-full.com

Sales Manager Belize

Jo Audinett
Telephone; 501 629-4266
Email; joscottsmith@gmail.com


Director of Marketing & Sales
John Winters
Aventuras Tropicales S.A.
Depto Izabal
Municipio Livingston
Telephone: 502 7930 5446
E-mail; info@fruit-full.com

Kevin Lock
Web Master, artist,
Naturalist, community relations,
Website; www.inriodulce.com
Telephone; 4076 2091


United States

Roger Sorensen
1604 Woods Boulevard
Round Rock, Texas 78681
Telephone: 512-218-4903
FAX; 512-218-4905
E-mail; rdsorens@ix.netcom.com